A Spritz A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

A Spritz A Day Keeps The Doctor Away!

Not a proven fact but it sounds good! If you think you’ve seen more Aperol spritzes this year, you’re not wrong. And if you’ve been drinking more of those sparkling red-orange drinks in pretty stemmed glasses, you’re doing exactly what the makers of Aperol at Campari hoped for. The citrusy bitter liqueur has been popular in Italy since the 1950s, But it wasn’t until summer of 2017 that it began to take popularity here in the states. As part of a big marketing push, Campari turned a little scooter car into a bar and drove it around the Hamptons offering free spritzes and installed spritz booths at various summer events. Aperol was created by the Barbieri brothers in Padua in 1919. The classic Aperol spritz is made with Aperol, prosecco and a splash of club soda.



1. Fill a wine glass with ice. Add equal parts prosecco and Aperol, and a splash of club soda. 

2. Garnish with fresh orange slices. 

A drink that looks as u quirky beautiful as it tastes! If you’re loving those Aperol spritzes grab one of my t shirts here!