Nonno Antonio

My Nonno is one of the strongest men I know and at 89, is still just as lively as he was at 30. Whether we’re hiking the hills of Sicily picking prickly pears or gardening in his backyard in Brooklyn, my Nonno is full of life. Besides being my grandfather, I like to think of him as my personal Sicilian tour guide, he always makes sure to proudly show me the best spots around his hometown of Castellammare Del Golfo. For the last 20 years they have been spending their summers in Castellammare and winters in Bensonurst, Brooklyn. In his words "Sicily is my home but New York has provided a bright future for my family. Sicily will always have a special place in my heart". During his time in Brooklyn he can often be found making traditional Sicilian horse carts in his garage or reminiscing with old friends at Castellammare Del Golfo Social Club in Bensonhurst. 

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