My father Giuseppe is truly one of a kind and definitely one of my biggest inspirations. From entrepreneur to triathlete and aspiring chef, my papa is like no other. Coming from Italy at just 18 years old with his mom and brother, my father made his own future working two jobs and putting himself through college. After graduating from the Pratt Institute with a degree in Construction Management, my dad ventured into the tile installation business and from there he eventually opened his own tile and marble business, Tile and Stone Design Center in Ocean, New Jersey.  I love my dad for all the opportunities he has given me and all the amazing recipes he has passed down!

Pasta Chi Tinnirumi or Pasta con i Tenerumi (in Italian)

Pasta Chi Tinnirumi or Pasta con i Tenerumi (in Italian) is a Sicilian culinary secret well worth discovering. What started as a "peasant...

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Pasta Alla Norma

Pasta "Alla Norma” is a humble, traditional and justly famous dish. The 19th-century composer Vincenzo Bellini is said to have adored it...

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