Quick Reference Guide:

Where to Stay: 

City Centre:

Piccolo Giardino -( $$$ )Highly recommended! Rooms are not very big but they are clean and up to date and staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Located in the center of Corso Umberto and my favorite restaurant in located right in the courtyard :)

Porta del Tocco - ( $$$ )  Have not yet stayed there myself but love the decor! Located by Porta Catania (beginning of Corso Umberto)

Medousa Bistro & Suites - ($$$$) This beautiful hotel is brand new! you will love the design and decor and spacious rooms

Hotel Metropole - ($$$$$) This hotel is a bit pricier but the view and the rooms are stunning. located right in the center of Corse Umberto and Piazza IX Aprile

NH Collection Taormina ($$$$$)

San Domenico Palace (Four Seasons) - ($$$$)

The Ashbee Hotel - ($$$$$)

Villa Schuler - ($$)

Grand Hotel Timeo - ($$$$$)

Villa Sant'Andrea - ($$$$)

Mazzaro (by the sea):

La Plage Resort - ($$$)

Air BnB options:

La Malandrina

Where to Eat: 

Medousa Bistro - Sir in one of the most beautiful gardens and enjoy exquisite Sicilian cuisine

Rosso Di Vino - ($$$) Seafood pasta and grilled meats

Pizzeria Granduca -($$) Pizzeria & Restaurant with a beautiful view overlooking the coast

Bam Bar - ($) Landmark in the center of Piazza IX Aprile perfect for their famous granita, lunch or aperitivo!

Pizzichella (Isola Bella) - ($$) delicious for lunch, if you are visiting Isola Bella

**the also organize boat excursions

La Baronessa - ($$$$) amazing modern Italian cuisine with a beautiful rooftop terrace


Ape Nera

Hotel Metropole

La Baronessa



Morgana Night Club 

Things To Do:

  • Enjoy some amazing shopping on Corso Umberto
  • Enjoy an aperitivo in the iconic Piazza IX Aprile
  • Enjoy everything and anything with pistachio, especially an arancino (rice ball)!The town of Bronte located near My Etna is know to produce some of the worlds best pistachios and considered “green gold”. Naturally it is typically found on menus in sweet and savory dishes.
  • Visit one of the many churches like the Duomo, Chiesa di San Pancrazio (named after the Patron Saint of Taormina) Chiesa di Santa Caterina, Chiesa di San Giuseppe
  • Visit the Teatro Greco
  • Visit the Villa Communale
  • Visit Isola Bella by cable car
  • Visit the town of Castelmola (and Bar Turisi - everything is shaped like a penis - quite interesting)
  • Visit Mount Etna